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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tribute to the Man who singlehandedly shook up Indian Politics. We need more like him!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


'Doodlebrew'! some quick sketches of my friends Shreya and Vivek
who i meet every monday for sketch sessions..
The alien face is based on Shreya's Profile..:)
I eventually ran out of people and things to draw..

Sketches and stylistic treatement

Was randomly sketching one day trying to come up with a different style
of illustrating. started of with some warm up sketches and finished with This.
..a couple of hours well spent..

Illustrations for 'Shorter than short fiction' Festival!

A friend of mine who's a writer commissioned me to do some pieces
for the 'shorter than short fiction' festival .The genre is mainly horror.
so the style was kind of reminiscent of the woodcut style of illustration.
These were a lot of fun to do!

Illustrations for the cricket world cup 2007

Illustrations for the cricket world cup
..The client was 'Powerplay' a marathi
magazine..the agency was VGC..
Old stuff..thought id put it up here. :)

Some sequential art i did while i was with Virgin comics..
This was the India Authentic: Garuda created by
Deepak Chopra and Written by Saurav Mohapatra.
This is a collage of some of the pages..will post the whole comic soon..:)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

These are some illustrations that i did for
An Ad campaign for 'Crusoe' apparels.
Had fun trying to crack a more graphic style for this campaign